Our Programmes aim to accelerate the  address of challenges in the local Food Systems. The address is anchored on the following ongoing programmes. In all our programme we endeavor to promote co-creation and collective impact. 

Msekera Agriculture Trade and Investment Centre

An agricultural Trade and Investment Centre situated in Msekera area that promotes trade and investment in Eastern Province and surrounding countries. This is aimed at enhancing coordination of the various food system actors and activities. A go-to place for farmers, Agro Processors, Banks, Recreation service providers, Agribusiness incubator, Practical Demonstration facilities etc. an ideal location to access farmers and over 2000 households within the community. Our Key Partners : Mbawa Properties and Gnampah Investments Limited

Promoting Food Champions -Youth in Agriculture

In an effort to promote food production at all levels and to develop a crop of food system and agriculture enthusiasts, AgriEn network has a platform to create awareness of the possibility to not only grow food almost everywhere for self sufficiency but also a platform that introduces youth to a world of Agribusiness and Agri-Careers through Agri-Tourism and Sku2Farm programme. Agri Tourism is aimed at promoting youth in Agriculture through farm visits and knowledge exchange programmes. Sku2Farm is an Agri Career promotion programme aimed at helping the youth to explore the different Agri Careers available with orientations in science, art, business, social science etc. It includes a self discovery of occupational personality types to help the youth position themselves as future experts within the Food system.

Sparking Agri- Innovations

We promote creativity and innovative thinking through creative capacity building trainings that seek to solve food related challenges such as Food waste, Farm to market high costs, improving productivity etc. Creative Capacity Building (CCB) training gives students of Agricultural schools and local communities real hands on experience in owning and solving real life challenges using co-creation. Our Key Partner: Kafue Innovation Centre

Enhancing Farmer Productivity

Through our partnership with various agri based companies and stakeholders, AgriEn helps farmers to understand the role of modern agricultural technologies and creates opportunities for adoption. Appropriate Technology and Farming methods are seen as a tool to improving small holder production and livelihoods. This includes Input support programmes and market linkages. Our key Partner: Good Nature Agro

Agri Trade Mission

AgriEn facilitates agri based local and international tours and expositions. This can be sector specfic, Value chain, Private or Public sector. These are designed education tours that highlight opportunities for investment in Zambia. The key objective is to work together to explore opportunities for Business 2 Business partnerships.

Network Building events

From time to time AgriEn Network holds various activities with the sole purpose of linking various actors in the food system. This is also anchored on dialogues and meetings of the Zambia Food System Community of Practice which seeks to accelerate coordination of Food system actors in Zambia. The community of practice is open to all partners in the food system that seek to work together to address challenges in the food system through collective impact.