(The school-to-farm (Sku2Farm) program has been developed and designed to get students and generally the youth excited about Agriculture and primary processing as a means to secure future champions that will drive the development of sustainable food systems. It is aimed at also promoting the uptake of Agri-careers, to inspire young minds towards pursuing agricultural careers. We acknowledge that while there are several careers in Agriculture, there is a lot of concentration on Farming as a career. Sku2Farm introduces a whole range of exciting Agri Careers in Science, Art, Business, Engineering etc. Agriculture remains one of the fastest growing sectors absorbing 48.5% (World Bank, 2020) of Zambias employed population. Such is an opportunity that our future food champions should adequately prepare for. 
Our sessions are as a school Career day programme or Youth activity for Faith Based organisations. 

Sku2Farm Hightlights

Are you are School, Parent, Faith Based organisation, Youth Group or Organisation with an interest in promoting Youth Activities, Agri Careers or Agricultural activities and wish to work with us on the Sku2Farm? Kindly fill in this form to spark our engagement in promoting AgriCareers!  


For your fee package contact the Sku2Farm Coordinator +260972279701 or email