Impacting the lives of over 15,000 farmers 


World Vision in partnership with AgriEn Network is implementing the Transforming Households In Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) project in four districts of Zambia, benefiting about 15,000 people with skills and knowledge in Savings for Transformation (S4T), crop production, conservation farming, environmental management business and livestock management. THRIVE model empowers parents economically to break the cycle of poverty and sustainably improve their family’s education, health, food security and nutrition, and shelter. This is being achieved through models including Biblical Empowered World View, Savings for Transformation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and natural resource management and resilience and shocks. The programme is implemented in Katete, Luwingu, Kasama and Mpika districts of Zambia

  • World Vision is using the following three pillars of equipping smallholder farmers to develop improved and resilient livelihoods

1. End to End Business Farming

Promote Savings Groups

Organise farmers to work together

Improve agricultural practices

Improved Market Access

2. Natural Resource Management

On farm natural resource management


Water (including irrigation)

3. Emergency situation awareness

Identify issues

Understand disaster and

agriculture risks

Establish early warnings and change around them

4. Evident Outcomes

Mindset Transformation- reduced dependence

Increased production

Improved quality of produce

Market/Business development

Improved Quality of life despite COVID-19

District Fairs

Business platforms are a promotion of Business-to-Business Interaction and whilst giving room for the business to reach out to the farmers who are their target market. The platform provides an opportunity to establish business links and networking between agri-businesses including farmers, financial institutions, input suppliers, private sector companies and value chain actors


The localized THRIVE district agribusiness platforms will be platforms where selected market players and value chain actors such as input suppliers, regulatory institutions (ZABS), Seed breeders, equipment and technology providers Interact and Network among themselves and targeted THRIVE farmers in the hosting districts. These interactions are expected to yield improved networking and collaboration among value chain actors to meet the demand and needs of THRIVE farmers and, increase access to sustainable markets for farmers. Other benefits will include;

An opportunity for dissemination of information from input suppliers, regulatory institutions (ZABS), Seed breeders, equipment and technology providers to farmers

An opportunity for input suppliers, regulatory institutions (ZABS), Seed breeders, equipment and technology providers to market their products and services to the farmers and local enterprises. 

An opportunity to find solutions for common problems faced by the farmers and world vision in the implementation of the THRIVE programme

An opportunity to establish market linkages and investment 

An opportunity for local businesses and farmers to interact with the larger businesses


Each event will last a day each and the activities that will take place will include; Business pitches, information sessions, key note speeches by selected stakeholders, and exhibition of product and services by sector players. 
I. Information Session  
This segment will give an opportunity to exhibitors or institutions that would like to build their reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive business that can discuss the opportunities and solutions relevant to the theme 
ii. Business Pitching 
Business pitches will take place at different intervals during the event preferably in the morning. This gives an opportunity to organisations/companies/individuals to pitch their products, services or share opportunities in front of the network during the progression of the event. Due to limited time each exhibitor that wants to pitch will allocated 2 minutes to introduce themselves, their business and share their contact details with the at the event. This will give the audience leads on which person they may have to make follow up with.  
iii. Exhibition 
Organisations will exhibit their products and services to the audience which includes professionals from agri-businesses, producer/farmer organizations and the private sector. In partnerships with the Ministry of Agriculture

The following are the target groups; 

  • Farmer groups and Cooperatives 
  • Off takers and Input suppliers 
  • Service providers 
  • Ministry of Agriculture 
  • Agriculture Sector Players
  • Smallscale farmers 

The activities will be undertaken in the following areas:

  1. Luwingu
  2. Katete
  3. Mpika
  4. Kasama

Information and Investment Forum

World Vision working in partnership with AgriEn Network will host an Informatiion and Investment Forum as the Kick off to the THRIVE District Agri Marketing and Technology Fairs to take place in Katete, Luwingu, Kasama and Mpika districts in September, 2022. The Information and Investment Forum seeks to highlight investment opportunities especially in the following targeting 15,000 investment ready farmers:

* Input supply (Seed, Fertilizers etc)

* Agri-Finance and insurance

* Digital Agriculture solutions

* Agro Processing

* Technology and Equipment

* Climate Smart Agriculture. Solutions

* Extension services

* Outgrower Schemes

The forum will bring together various players in the agriculture sector ranging from Energy in agriculture suppliers, Input suppliers, Commodity marketing companies, Equipment suppliers, financial service providers and digital Agriculture solution providers.

The meeting is a full day event and

will focus on the following:

To provide information on the THRIVE interventions in the areas

To highlight the opportunities of investment in the THRIVE areas

  • To create opportunities for partnership in the delivery of
  • sustainable private sector led initiatives.


Date: 23rd August, 2022 

Time: 08:30 hours

Venue: Radisson Blu, Lusaka