Makeni Farmer’s Market  

                      Celebrating #Foodheroes

About the Makeni Farmers Market

As part of AgriEns effort to promote food access, availability and affordability and in line the World Food Day which falls on 16th October, 2021, AgriEn Network will host the inaugural Makeni Farmers Market at the AgriEn Hub on 16th October, 2021( World Food Day). The event will run from 07:00hrs to 17:00hrs 

Our Target: 

Our Food Heroes: 

1) Farmers and Food vendors including agro-processers to sell their commodity and access close by markets

2) Support organisations in the food system space- to promote their services to farming or food sector 

3) Residents in Makeni, Shimabala, Lilayi, Chilanga, Jack compound, Chawama and surrounding areas to buy their fresh food and farmers produce closer to their communities 




Why the Makeni Farmers Market 

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for local food growers and microprocessors to have access to a reliable and profitable market. This will also help increase farmer- consumer engagement, and relevant feedback on gaps in the food market. It also aims to provide and educate the community on nutritional, environmental and economic value of buying local sustainable farm products. The market will also localize access to fresh foods for communities in Makeni, Kafue, Shimabala, Lilayi and surrounding areas.
 Lets Celebrate our Food Hero together! Be part of the World Food Day 2021.