Our History

AgriEn Network (Agribusiness and Agri Energy) is focused on accelerating the development and delivery of innovative and sustainable interventions in food security We are the difference between the resource access ( skills, information, experience
and finances) and the delivery of sustainable interventions in the agribusiness and Agri energy space.

AgriEn Network was established in 2020 following the transition of AgriProFocus Global Network into the Netherlands Food Partnership (This realisation birthed an independent localised social enterprise, AgriEn Network NFP and AgriEn Network have a common focus on achieving Food security from a food systems approach through a collaborative approach.

Our Vision

Sustainable integrated Food systems for Africa

Our mission

To foster ing partnerships and opportunities that contribute to Africa’s Food systems

In all we do, we strive to:

1. Collectively enhance social and economic outcomes. 2. Enhance food utilisation, Access and availability. 3. Collectively promote Environment outcomes